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Artist: Vladimir Mukhin,Oil on canvas.

The most powerful work in this series is a large scaled canvas with many figures "Gypsy wedding" conveying all the power, passion, musicality and eroticism of unrestrained dance orgy. The composition is perfectly constructed, with the central couple of young men on horses breaking the ring of dancing beauties and stealing one of them.It is surprising, but the expression of heroes’ faces and gestures and the raised head of a horse do not convey the dramatic effect of the love scene so much as the skilful color accompaniment. Depicting tails of gipsy skirts and surrounding herbs, the artist creates a mosaic which is so rich in color combinations and worth of the best orient examples. Its luminescence is fortified by salient, coming out of the canvas’s surface strokes which create volume and involve the spectator into the inner space of the painting. The spectator does not watch the picture, he or she become a participant of the action, dissolving in the rhythm of the gipsy guitar and fine movements of the dancers. Surprisingly, such an effect is possible only in theatre where productions of good directors capture the spectator entirely. 

"Gypsy Wedding" - 54"x78" Oil on canvas, 2011

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