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Artist, interior decorator, designer and art teacher.


Olga Mukhina is a keeper of traditions, her toolbox is simple and natural for a painter, consisting of canvas, palette, brushes, palette knife, charcoal and pastels. All of her works are worthy of being displayed at a museum: they can hold their own next to classical paintings.» Poetry and romanticism in her works are rather sensual and theatrical than realistic.


Olga Mukhina was born in 1975 in Penza, Russia

Before she went to the University, she was a student in

Art Liceum 
Penza Art University K.A. Savitsky
Olga Mukhina is a young, but a very mature artist, she is a member of many highly distinguished Russian and international organizations, Creative Union of Russian Artists, International Art Foundation, the International Association of Fine Arts, IAA UNESCO. Recently, Olga became a associate member of the International Academy of Creative Endeavors. Member of the Oil Painters of America.
She has a lot of diplomas of international academies and other public organizations.
The participant of the international exhibitions of paintings, the participant of the Moscow exhibitions competitions of modern painting, the Gold brush, Took part in annual Moscow international art salon of the Central house of Artists. 

Her  works can be found in art museums, galleries and private collections in  USA, Russia, China, Australia, France, Holland, Germany, England, Sweden and Finland  

Lives and works in USA, California.

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