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Was born in Moscow, Russia 1997. Fedor grew up in a creative family and from an early age he was interested in Art. Fedor loves music, theater, paintings. He studied at Moscow State Academy Art Lyceum.  During his studies at the Moscow Lyceum No 175, He took all possible classes. He had so many performances and concerts in school. He was engaged in drawing under the guidance of famous, talented artists and teachers from the environment of his parents. He had a wonderful teacher, honored artist and pianist of Russia, who taught him how to stand on the stage and introduced me to the basics of musical literacy. In between learning in high school, He tried myself in music and learned how to play on piano and guitar. 


But after his family trip to the museums of Europe, Canada and USA. He was inspired by paintings. Fedor was struck by the brush and the manner of performance of old masters. Their paintings have inspired him to try his hand in the fine arts. And his parents, well-known and professional artists, taught him how to understand the painting and shared with him their skills and secrets. After a while he began to participate in competitions and exhibitions. 

His work was warmly appreciated by the public and noted by the media.



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