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We invite everyone who is interested in taking art classes with Vladimir Mukhin. Vladimir is an experienced  artist, he is a member of many highly distinguished Russian and International organizations including the Union of Russian Artists, Creative Union of Russian Artists, International Art Foundation, the International Association of Fine Arts, and IAA UNESCO.

Recently, Vladimir Mukhin became a full member (academician) of the International Academy of Creative Endeavors and a member of the Oil Painters of America.


We can offer you the basics in art education. The main areas of our teaching will be the continuation of Russian traditions

and the European Realistic School of painting. The basis of the educational program is the artistic technique of Vladimir Mukhin. There are several options adapted for different ages, the level of mastery of the student and the number of classes per week. An extended set of tasks with different terms of their execution will be offered and all this will be utilized toward the formation of professional skills. The program will include work in different genres: still life, landscape, portrait, and naked human figures.

Using examples of works from world painting and graphics as well as works from his collection, students will study the stages of creating a paintings from an outline to a sketch , from a study to a finished work. They will learn to work in different formats and with different techniques.

Classes will be conducted both in groups and individually for all levels of students. During classes there will be an ongoing  process of exchange of professional skills between students and instructor. This experience is unique and is the basis of our methodical and educational process. For our students there are compulsory free practice and master classes.

Demonstration of video materials, viewing of feature films about the life of great artists with a discussion of their works are also included with the classes.

Mastery of expression in various forms of the visual arts will enable students to enhance their own creativity and self-awareness .

Thank you! We will contact you shortly.

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