Horses in art is an absolutely unencompassable subject because the history of horses is inextricably connected with the history of mankind. 

For thousands of years horses faithfully served people - soldiers, peasants, knights, kings, generals. They inspired many poets, writers, painters and sculptors. It is impossible to imagine the history of art without horses – from cave paintings, ancient quadrigas, Persian miniatures, medieval tombs, Renaissance equestrian monuments that decorate the squares of almost all European cities, to romantic images of Delacroix and Gericault’s horses, Edgar Degas and Jean-Louis Forain’s races, vigorous herds of chestnut horses in the paintings of British and American artists. 

One would never tire of admiring horses. Their grace, ease of movements would leave no one indifferent. A horse silhouette would make any landscape look spiritual, filled with remarkable lyricism - if the horse is quietly feeding in a field, or with the tension of its canter, the beauty of its rump, the harmony of its movements. For any person, a house is a symbol of his craving for freedom, wide open spaces, for the immensity of distances that suddenly become easy to overcome, especially for a modern individual squeezed in concrete jungle of houses and iron boxes of cars. That is obviously why Vladimir Muhin’s series of pictures about horses takes us back to this wonderful world of natural beauty, natural grace, breath-taking speed, heady smell of grass swinging in the wind, sunset landscapes and romantic meetings. Like in other series of paintings, the artist is very professional with his brush which in itself is very rare, but is also able to endow the characters of his paintings with an incredible vitality, to accurately communicate any movement, to highlight key points in terms of plastics and verify the range of colours in his artwork to the last stroke.

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