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Vladimir Mukhin


Vladimir Mukhin has the ability to evoke in the viewer a sense of triumphant harmony. Intriguingly, he effortlessly draws you into the realm of his dreams and the bravado of his imagination. His work is elegant, akin to a ballet, saturating you with delightful picturesque techniques and professional tricks, wielded with the skill of an illusionist. With a light denouement, he convinces you that it is merely a painting, yet you are left with a sensation of being connected to something lofty, intimate, and simultaneously unattainable.

As the creator of an enchanting synthesis of the unknown, a new genre, he possesses an excellent command of his material, feeling the form with the tip of his brush. His work is deeply psychological, adept at finding a place for humor or gentle irony. The literarily rich plastic structure of his compositions is musical in its color, while not forgetting theatrical reminiscences, achieving the effect of the viewer's presence within the painting. By extending invisible threads from the works of old masters, Vladimir Mukhin skillfully threads the ideals of new aesthetics onto them.

He attaches special importance to working with texture in the stylistics of his works; this is his distinguishing feature. Through multifaceted techniques, he achieves a magical sense of dialogue between epochs. A single fragment is capable of enriching your imagination, transforming into an independent artistic value.

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